Nano Facility Center Director
Name: Lin, Horng-Chih
Telephone: 03-5712121 ext. 55601 or 54193
Management Instrument: 24-hour application case / 4-point Probe / PECVD
Expertise: CMOS device reliability analysis, advanced nano device structure design and manufacturing, thin film device manufacturing and analysis.

Instrument Committee

Name: Wu, Yew-Chung
Telephone: 03-5712121-31555
Fax: 03-57247271
Management Instrument:FIB
Expertise: Thin film transistors, wafer bonding, optoelectronic semiconductor components, III-V epitaxy technology, protein crystal growth
Name: Li, Pei-Wen
Telephone: 03-5712121-54210
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument:DWL-200/Pattern Generator.
Expertise: Nanoelectronic engineering, semiconductor physical components, integrated circuit process design.
Name: Hou, Tuo-Hung (Alex)
Telephone: 03-5712121-54261
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument:Mask Aligner / Spinner / HMDS
Expertise: Nano memory device, molecular electronic device, nano process technology, semiconductor device physics.
Name: Tsui, Bing-Yue
Telephone: 03-5712121-31570
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument:Wet Bench P5000E / RIE-400iP-1 / RIE 200L / Ellipsometer.
Expertise: Semiconductor physics and components, integrated circuit manufacturing process, telecom measurement analysis.
Name: Chen, Kuan-Neng
Telephone: 03-5712121-31558
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument: HDP-RIE / Si Deep-RIE.
Expertise:Three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC), wafer bonding thinning technology, through-silicon via (TSV)
Name: Liu, Po-Tsun
Telephone: 03-5712121-52994
Fax: 03-5737681
Management Instrument: Oxidation & Diffusion Furnances / LPCVD
Expertise: Integrated circuits and systems, semiconductor materials and components, optoelectronics and thin film technology.
Name: Chao, Tien-Sheng
Telephone: 03-5712121-31367
Fax: 03-5725235
Management Instrument: ALD / Reflectometer.
Expertise: DTMOS device fabrication and reliability analysis, NBTI measurement and analysis of semiconductor device physical PMOSFET, nano device fabrication.
Name: Cheng, Yu-Ting
Telephone: 03-5712121-54169
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument: High Vacuum Deposition System / Sputtering System A / Sputtering System B
Expertise: MEMS, nanotechnology, system packaging.
Name: Tan, Chih-Shan
Telephone: 03-5712121-54146
Fax: 03-5724361
Management Instrument: S-4700I / SEM SU-8010
Expertise: Compound semiconductors, semiconductor electronic structures, wide band semiconductors, organic optoelectronic components.


Name:Su, Chun-Jung
Telephone: 03-5712121-56150
Fax: 03-5725230
Management Instrument: Poly-Si RIE / Boai’s Principal.
Expertise:Nanoelectronic device technology, Semiconductor device and physics, Non-volatile memory devices.