In 1960s through funding support from the United Nations Special Fund, the Institute of Electronics, NCTU, founded “Far‐East Communication Training Center”, germinating the foremost academic research of NCTU in semiconductor science and technology and most importantly, launching the great success of modern microelectronic IC industry in Taiwan. Since then, NCTU has being gathering worldwide, top‐frontier scientists and talents for engaging in the pioneer R&D in modern microelectronics technology, and later founded “Semiconductor Research Center (SRC),” the predecessor of the Nano Facility Center. SRC, NCTU demonstrated the first experimental transistor and IC chip in the early 1960s, tremendously increasing the great prestige of NCTU and promoting Taiwan expertise into the competitive international semiconductor arena. SRC later was financially funded from both Ministry of Education and National Science Council (NSC) to offer technical service on semiconductor microfabrication by equipped with advanced core facilities, and thus evolved to be the pivotal cornerstones and the unique cradle base for semiconductor academia and microelectronic industry in Taiwan.